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Our Team

The MENPS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) hopes to build a strong sense of community at MENPS and support the school in providing excellent learning experiences for our children.
The MENPS PTA organises a range of fundraising events and community services. For example: the annual Food and Fun Fair, student discos, secondhand uniform sales and more.

The funds we raise are a valuable addition to the government funding/operating grant the school receives. Last year the PTA were excited to see the completion of a major fundraising focus in recent years in supporting the Board of Trustees with their Canopy Project.

All PTA funds raised are invaluable and help us to sustain many of the aspects of school life and resourcing that we don’t receive funding from the government for. Read more about this on this school newsletter originally shared on 4 May, 2023.

We are a fun and purposeful team who really enjoy contributing to the school community.  We always welcome new members, new skills and new ideas. If you would like to help, please come along to a meeting – or just email us:

PTA Directory

Chairperson – Pam Clifford
Deputy Chairperson
Secretary – Chelsea Chen
Treasurers – Paula Tran / Linda Waddington Miller
PTA Adviser – Chantal Brunner
Communications – Sarah Eason
Sponsorship - Rayni Chung
Class coordinator – Svantje Rieber

BoT Representative - Alan Jackson
School Representative - Hilary Edwards

Secondhand uniform shop – Jane Cunningham
Sports fundraising (Yummy apples) – Grace Konrath
Colour run coordinator - Chelsea Chen
Magic Spells coordinator – Sarah Eason
Ice Blocks coordinators – Stacey Lucas / Anjana Rele
Calendar Art coordinator – Fleur de Vries
Halloween Disco event coordinators
RewardHub coordinator - Svantje Rieber
Parent social evening event & auction coordinators - Sarah Eason & Lucy Porter
Kindo /Ticketing for events – Al Coats
Chinese Parent Liaison and Translations - Chelsea Chen
Electrical support - Pete Dexter
Graphic Designer – Darren White

Class Coordinators

Year 0-1

Room 10 – Jenny Pan
Room 14 – Grace Konrath
Room 15 – Nicole Wegner
Room 17 – Suze Heinrich

Year 2

Room 22 – Anjana Rele
Room 23 – Svantje Reiber
Room 24 – Rayni Chung
Room 25 – Stacey Lucas

Year 3

Room 29 – Virginia Brown
Room 30 – Vanessa Matthews
Room 31 – Kim Nah
Room 32 – Davina Mossman

Year 4

Room 21 – Jennie (Powell) James
Room 33 – Kathy Kivell
Room 34 – Al Coats
Room 35 – Sarah Wood
Room 36 – Rayni Chung

Year 5

Room 5 – Josie Easingwood
Room 6 – Jess Hogan
Room 7 – Fleur de Vries
Room 8 – Laura Youdan

Year 6

Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 18 – Scott Optican