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PTA Event managers – Chelsea Chen & Grace Konrath
MENPS Event manager - Hilary Edwards

Thank you!

Wow what an amazing Colour Run event last Friday! Kids, teachers and parent helpers all got into the spirit and had a blast on the colourful course. The fundraising site closed on Monday with a whopping $27,681 donated in support of our kids. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and participated in this fundraising event!!!

Special thanks go to parents Jugal Presswala for providing the Big Ben Pie lunches for winning classes, and to Grace Li for providing the ice blocks, as well as our sponsors Ray White Mt Eden, and Skids!!

A lot of hard work goes into such an event, a huge thank you to the legendary Colour Run team - Grace K, Chelsea, Pam, Rayni and Mel. And those who came and helped on the day - Rachel L, Jess G, Ada, Lynn, Josie, Carolyn, Kirsty, Al, Carla, Joy, Kathy, Paula, Suze, Susan, Rachel, Sarah P, Amy, Vanessa, Jane! And to Kevin, our school property manager for all the extra work in the weeks ahead of the run to ensure the success of the day. We couldn’t have done it without you all!!

Check out the photos!

Some great snaps to remember the day by:

If you have your own photos that you are happy to share, please add them!!


Congratulations to the five winning classes! They are Rm 22, Rm 10, Rm 15, Rm 36, Rm 24. Thank you for your phenomenal fundraising efforts - we hope you enjoy the Big Ben Pie lunch!!!

And congrats to the winners of the 2024 PTA Ice Blocks winners who will get a voucher soon. They are: Leo Dentice-Wood (Rm35), Johnny (Rm33), James Liu (Rm7); Angela Yan Guo (Rm5); Jessie Buggle (Rm3); Sofia Bell (Rm1); Jake O'Connor (Rm15); Dominic Ma (Rm22); Isla (Rm3); Chloe Johnson (Rm25)!!

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Big Ben Pies
Ray White Mount Eden
sKids Mt Eden